Ajoy Kapila – Hard Work at Home and on the Job

Ajoy Kapila

Ajoy Kapila initiates efficiency-enhancing projects at MillerCoors as the senior corporate optimization engineer. Listed in Who’s Who for three consecutive years, Ajoy Kapila has also made significant operational improvements for companies such as Polar-Tech Industries, Orbital Engineering, Unilever, and Quaker Oats Company.

Ajoy has several leisure pursuits with friends and family, including museums, independent films, and plays. He indulges his engineering side by painstakingly rebuilding and updating his 1967 Mustang. Among his modifications are a computer-controlled fuel injection system with dual outputs. Additionally, he is installing a new rear suspension system, based on those found in Indy cars.

Ajoy uses parts from later model Mustangs, striving continuously to morph new technology into a classic platform. He is extending the ‘67’s range by adding a 1970 gas tank, with six more gallons’ capacity than the original. Front disk brakes from the 2015 Mustang are another innovation. Since some 1967 parts have gone out of stock, he designs, engineers and fabricates them himself.

Ajoy obtained his first engineering degree, an AS, at Vincennes University in Indiana. He went on to earn a BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Evansville, Indiana. He took the same subject at Purdue University, attaining a master’s degree. He further supplemented his educational base by earning another master’s degree, this time in IT Management at Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs.